Radhikas Green Tea Red Rose Petal Tea

Mompreneur Radhika Batra Shah

Harvested in the early spring in the organic estate of Sivitar, Darjeeling each leaf and bud for the Darjeeling Green Rose Petal Tea is plucked ensuring that it perfectly blends with the organic rose flecks to give you a superior romantic undertone after every sip. Rose petals are known to add a touch of romance to their surroundings with their sheer presence. Consider their esoteric quality of calming the senses as a relaxant and blend them with some choicest of whole green tea, and you have the perfect concoction to enrich your private luncheon. Harmonious and well-balanced, you can let this tea do all the work while you indulge in some day-dreaming.

Weight: 100 gms

Price: Rs.700/- (Includes Shipping)

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