Radhikas Jamguri Masala Tea

Mompreneur Radhika Batra Shah

From the gentle undulating terrain of Jamguri situated in Golaghat district - the high-quality belt of Assamese tea, only the choicest of leaves and buds are plucked and blended with authentic spices from Kerala to give you a tea experience you will remember forever. Infused with the best of spices, Organic Assam Masala Chai is known to awaken your senses and energize you instantly. Robust and full bodied, these teas are highly recommended if you are looking for a well-balanced, brisk, aromatic and a peppery taste. The best time to have this happiness concoction is early morning and evening.

Weight: 100 gms

Price: Rs.700/- (Includes Shipping)

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